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Food photography of pasta

Social Media Management

What We Do

At Adam's Apple, we exclusively focus on elevating restaurants, bars, and cafés, bringing them tangible results that make a mark. With a proven track record of placing restaurants across the UK on the map and aiding large chains in substantial growth over the past seven years, our expertise is finely tuned to the hospitality industry. 

Social media management should not be an effort to post any random image to fill the quota of posting every day. If the post will not trigger and emotion or a buy in of loyalty for the customers consuming the content, then it's better to not post at all. This is why planning ahead of time and understanding which posts and videos do best is the key to your success on socials. Luckily we have been posting for a plethora of restaurants for over 7 years, so we know what work!

A simple breakdown of our deliverables:

  1. 15-20 Feed posts a month! This includes reels and still images

  2. Daily Story posts on Instagram & Facebook

  3. Peak time posting for highest engagement

  4. Influencer marketing! We work with local influencers to create the best content for your restaurant!

  5. Keep up to date with trends so you're constantly ahead of the rest!

  6. Produce the highest quality content around

Our main stand out factor in social media management is that all the content is created in house. We visit your restaurant on a monthly basis and shoot our very own food photography content using high end equipment. This ensures you don't just have random generic photos of food, rather unique content around your restaurant that keeps up with what is going on in the upcoming month. 

If valentines is round the corner, our January shoot focuses primarily on creating a buzz around this event to ensure bookings come your way. 

Iphone showcase of social media management

But social media doesn't bring me any business

Believe it or not, we as an agency believe this statement is somewhat true however there is a way around this to ensure customers do come in from social media. Many restaurants have people queing up from social media campaigns so there is a way to achieve great results.

The key to success with socials is understanding that we no longer live in 2014 where posting a picture ensures all your followers and beyond see the image and become aware of your restaurant. In 2023/4 the average restaurant post gets 10 likes and that is because meta has reduced organic reach drastically to roughly 10%. 

The reason for this, is meta wants only the best posts to appear on the feed because they want to retain all their customers using the app. This means if you are posting a bland useless photo that everyone scrolls by and pays no attention to, you will be immediately penalised and your posts will start to see less and less love overtime. This will translate to drastically lower engagement over time and your posts not reaching any significant audience.

Food photography of pizza

So what is the solution?

In short, the solution is producing content worth watching and also pairing your content posting with facebook ads and influencer marketing to constantly guarantee you are reaching an audience significant enough to see a result in your restaurant

Influencer marketing example

Instead of sharing a recycled photo of the curry you just made at you restaurant, why not showcase the process behind the curry and the flavours and ingredients that go into that curry!

Instead of posting a static image of a written review why not record a video of one of your customers giving a testimony in person. which one is more believable and which one will stop people scrolling and think oh wow that place must be good. 

These are the things that will move the needle for you in restaurant marketing and particularly in social media marketing in today's digital age.

Killer Content

  1. We shoot the highest quality content around, OURSELVES!

  2. Prepare ahead of time for periods like Summer, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day.

  3. Stay up with the latest trends via web-based entertainment and post content to coordinate.

  4. Draw in with nearby local area pages, run contests, offers and offer client created content.

  5. Watching out for your competitors by checking their social movement and making you aware of any relative news.

  6. We post at the right times to increase engagement and encourage interactions.

food photography shoot for indo chinese

Monthly Reporting

  1. We provide detailed reports of the month, breaking down key components.

  2. KPI measurements (Engagement, Accounts Reached, Followers, Returns on Investment from Ads), site traffic and so on.

  3. We assess what went positively and what needs improving for the coming month.

Monthly reporting for social media of restaurant
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