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Who we are?

Hey there, welcome to Adams Apple – the brainchild of two pals who thought restaurants needed a bit more love in the marketing department. Picture this: we discovered loads of incredible, hidden-gem eateries that just weren't getting the attention they deserved.

So, we decided to do something about it. Adams Apple isn't your average marketing agency; we're more like food enthusiasts on a mission. Our story started when we saw these fantastic places struggling to get noticed, and we became the voice that they needed.

We're here to tell the stories of those amazing restaurants you might not have heard of yet. Our goal is to shine a spotlight on the places that put heart and soul into their food. Every marketing campaign, every strategy – it's all about spreading the love for these culinary treasures.

Aadam, part of the adam's apple restaurant marketing team


Youssef, part of the adam's apple restaurant marketing team


What we do?

In simple terms, we increase the footfall of customers to your restaurant, it's pretty much that simple

How do we do it? ...

We offer an array of services, including Social media management, Digital Advertising,
Strategic development planning, Creative photoshoots, Promotional videos, Website developmentBespoke branding.


All of which are delivered to the client on schedule and with the business' objectives that were initially set out, achieved

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