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As a restaurant, facebook ads are still one of the most powerful tools to reach your local audience. At Adam's Apple, we know that running a restaurant requires a lot of hard work. That's why we're here to take on the task of creating and managing Facebook Ads for your business. With our expertise in social media marketing, we can help you reach your target audience and increase your revenue.

So how does it work?

Facebook ads are still a massive powerful tool to use to gain both new and returning customers, however like most tools they are misunderstood. 


Facebook ads could be the quickest way to loose a large amount of money and usually restaurant owners are deterred from ever using them again if they have a negative experience.


The simple solution for facebook ads in this day and age is the content itself you are advertising. If the advert does not instill emotion in the viewer they are not going to bother reserving. 

Let's discuss the perfect recipe for a potent Facebook ad.

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1. Strategy

There are a few things that have to be focused on when running a  facebook ad. People attend restaurants for two main reasons and that is the actual delicious food or the experience and vibe of your restaurant. Usually its a mixture of these two, and depending on your customer, it may lean to one agenda more than the other. 

It is imperative one of these is communicated through the ad. Whether it's showcasing mouth watering food that just makes you want to go immediately or showcasing an experience that someone wants to try, this will ensure the facebook ad moves the needle for you in bringing customers your way.

Instead of posting a random static image why not post a promo video of your place to showcase the vibe and interior beauty of your restaurant.​ If not that, then why not get an influencer to shoot an experience video and run that as an advert instead.

Social Media For Restaurant
Advertising For Restaurants

2. Execution

Just because you have shot a promo video for you restaurant, it doesn't mean that ad will perform well. There are things to bare in mind to ensure the ad performs well and that's all in the execution. 

The first 3 seconds of the video are extremely important in ensuring you communicate exactly what the video is about and more importantly capturing the viewers attention. This is effectively done through food showcase. If your promo video is slow and changes frames every 5 seconds, you are flushing money down the drain as the viewer will immediately scroll.

3. Optimsing and monitoring

Facebook ads will always aim to spend your money unless you control them and effectively push them in the direction you wish for them to go. Although facebook's algorithm learning is sensational, it's not necessarily flawless so it's important you give it a direction.​ The end goal should be your stunning restaurant website to convert your customers into reservations.

We monitor your facebook ads on a regular basis, almost daily and ensure the money is being spent in the correct direction. An example of this would be running your ad for 5 days and then checking the reports to see the gender response or the age response difference. If you are a high end restaurant it will likely be clear to see that an age of 35+ react better to your ads as they are the ones able to afford your prices. If we noticed this in your ads, moving forward we would completely remove anyone under the age of 35 to avoid wasting money on an irrelevant audience.

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