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Restaurant Website Design

Restaurant Marketing Agency UK

Website Design

Creating a website for a restaurant can be an effective way to help bring in more customers and increase overall business. A well-designed website should reflect the personality of the restaurant, feature a simple yet attractive layout, and be easy to navigate. Additionally, the website should include useful information about the restaurant such as the hours of operation, menu items, contact information, and other special offerings. 

Here at Adam's Apple we craft stunning websites from scratch or give your current website the revamp it requires to stay up to date with the competition. Our website revamp comes free of charge in our monthly full service package. Alternatively you can be quoted separately for the job if it's the only element you require of the package.

Let's take a look at some examples!

We have built a plethora of sites with different functionalities depending on the restaurant client we are working with. Full builds can take a week to be ready in emergencies.


to To view the website, click on the image and it will link you directly to their site for you to view.

1. Website Management

Step 1 of creating a stunning website is listening to you and your brand image. It's important your website reflects the interior and vibe of your restaurant to ensure branding throughout. Often there is a mismatch, with delicious food and a spectacular interior, coupled with a terrible website. We're here to change that. This is especially important if you are going through a restaurant pre launch, as this will be your customer's first impression of your branding. 

Visuals are great but what is just as important is the accessibility of your website. Is it fast? Do all the buttons link appropriately? Is it confusing? Is the reservation button hidden away? 

These are all the questions we take into account when optimising your website for the user. It is important your customer has a seamless experience, especially if they are ordering or reserving directly on your website. You would be surprised how many potential customers you will lose by just having a terrible website.

Digital Marketing For Restaurants

2. Local SEO Ranking

After building your website and making it visually appealing, our next step is making sure your website ranks highly on google. There is no need for a stunning website if it's not being seen by anyone. Google SEO optimisation ensures your website communicates with google correctly to tell it when it should be displayed in the search rankings. 


We fulfil a detailed keyword research plan to identify what people are searching for and target the appropriate keywords. ​

3. Monthly Report

We don't like reports because they often get ignored, however we do provide them. Our main aims of a report is to identify where people are dropping off on your website and where they are coming from in the first place. If we recognise there is a dip in google search traffic we will aim to put more emphasis on the google SEO rankings etc.​

We check in on your website every month to check for any bugs or non functional buttons etc.

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