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Restaurant Pre Launch Marketing

Digital Marketing For Restaurants

Pre Launch Marketing

Prior to the launch of our restaurant, we will carry out a comprehensive marketing campaign in order to raise awareness and generate interest in the new venture. This will involve utilising a range of digital channels including social media, website content, email newsletters and blogs. We will also use more traditional methods such as print and radio advertisements as well as targeted promotional activities in the local area. Through these efforts, we hope to create a buzz and build anticipation for the opening of the restaurant.

What We Can Do

Pre-Launch can make or break your business, and we’re here to ensure it’s a success. Our comprehensive approach includes beginning with creating content for socials and your menu and website, before getting influencers involved, targeted Facebook ad campaigns, and working on Google SEO and GMB optimisation. With our team of experts behind you, you can rest assured that your launch will be received by your target market with enthusiasm and excitement.

1. Market Research

  1. Brand Personality - your image needs a character, a picture, a voice which reverberates and interfaces with your ideal interest group so conveying that plainly is significant. The accompanying step is getting clear on your main interest group.

  2. Target Market - Identifying who you are selling to is super important as the branding material needs to reflect that. If you are a high end restaurant, a focus on high quality photos and a luxury like feeling needs to be communicated through your imagery and content 

  3. Contender Exploration - Keep your friends close and your competitors closer. In order to execute a successful pre launch its important to not look too similar to someone competing for your audience. You want to stand out and look unique, even if you are in fact selling the same product.

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2. Promotional Material

  1. Restaurant website design - Making a first impression is super important and it's very likely your audience will land on your website at some point. That first impression must be a great one that keeps them coming back and positioning your restaurant brand as a great one.

  2. Social content - It's important your socials are up to scratch, especially if you are just about to launch. Customers must understand what your restaurant does within a glimpse of the socials. Directions to your restaurant, parking and other metrics need to be covered.

  3. Google Business Page - If your customer are not finding you on the socials front, they will certainly find you on google. It's important your best photos are there to wow them and incline them to dine with you.

3. Restaurant Launch Advertising

Every pre launch requires a minimum of 1-3 months to be excecuted correctly. A main focus is having a budget available for facebook ads to bombard your local area with the opening news. We will also get in touch with local press to ensure they are familiar with the launch and will help promote your restaurant opening.

Never underestimate word of mouth in the opening. A delightful offer can go a long way and circulation amongst figures in the community can really help spread the news to potential customers

Finally, think about potentially working with local communities and clubs. You would be surprised how effective this can be, with some clubs bringing the entire club to the restaurant for the launch.

Marketing Agency For Restaurant

We commonly execute an influencer night for restaurants doing a restaurant launch. This bring together 5-10 local influencers to boast about your opening and help spread the word. This can help boost your initial following and furthermore gives us a great pool of content produced by the influencer to kickstart your social page.


You can use this night to invite friends and allow the staff to get familiar with serving etc. This helps avoid the big mistakes on the big day and helps you understand the running of your restaurant.

How do we help

Adam's Apple takes your restaurant launch into our hands. It's no doubt you will be busy with a handful of things such as interior design, staff etc, leaving the advertising and launch execution to us. As an agency we have done countless launches and continue to work with new and emerging restaurants. Our formula changes each time and improves with understanding the needs of each target audience.

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