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Restaurant Full Service Package

Restaurant Marketing

Full service solution for restaurants

Being in the game for 7 years we understand that restaurant marketing requires multiple touch points or it just doesn't move the needle effectively. This is why we are adamant that all our restaurant clients opt in to our full service package. This covers you for every touchpoint you can have with your customers and ensures your restaurant stays top of mind.

There are 6 fundamentals  toensure touch points are met with customers on a large scale.

  1. Content creation / Food photography

  2. Influencer Marketing

  3. Google SEO

  4. Meta Advertising

  5. Email Newsletters

  6. SMS Marketing

Let's dive in!

There is nothing stronger than great quality content . It's the fundamental aspect of branding and the number one way to separate your restaurant from the crowd. 

We shoot all our content in house and come to your restaurant on a monthly basis to make sure the content is refreshed and is relevant to the upcoming month. Whether it's getting ready for valentines or father's day, we are ready to create content around the season. 

We focus on producing content that converts! It sounds cliche but it's very important to make sure the content you create is actually engaging and stops the person from scrolling past. High quality food photos are great but are also very saturated, which is why it needs to be mixed up with video content or something different. We always aim to get across personality which is why a lot of our content is shot around the personality of the brand, such as getting chefs to show the recipe behind the dish or a video testimonial from a customer.

Recently organic content has taken a massive hit in terms of it's reach and it's important to couple it with facebook ads to ensure your reach is prominent in the area.

Content creation for restaurants
Facebook ad example for restaurants

Content creation is important, but it's useless without that content landing on the pages of hungry customers. Organic content will always do well if it's engaging but it's reach is limited. This is where Facebook ads come in and save the day. 

With the power of facebook ads we can not only be very specific with targeting but also control how many people we wish to reach. Everyone within 10km of your restaurant should know about your restaurant and get a snapshot of what it is they can expect if they were to choose to dine in with you. 

Although facebook ads are powerful they are also the easiest way to lose a large amount of money if not done correctly. The most important part of running a successful campaign is having a killer facebook ad that engages the customer within the first 3 seconds and communicates everything your restaurant is about. The second most important factor is making sure you have a new ad every month or so to avoid ad fatigue. 

Here at Adam's Apple, we record a brand new ad with each month's content creation days and ensure we manage the ad and stay on top of the reports.

People love to be influenced, especially with their food decisions! That's why influencer marketing is a super important factor in keeping your restaurant front of mind with returning and new customers. 

Food bloggers and other influencers help position your restaurant as 'the place to be' and this is powerful. A lot of the time people want to dine out with a focus on service and experience rather than food and it's important your restaurant is positioned as an option for these people. 

Influencer content is amazing as it can be used on your restaurant page too. If the influencer is able to record an experience video, this can also be ran as a facebook ad

At Adam's Apple we are connected to a large number of influencers that we connect with your restaurant. Usually these are free however there are paid options for influencers with much larger audiences. We aim to have 2-5 influencers showcase your restaurant every month, to keep your restaurant front of mind

Influencer marketing for restaurants
Restaurant SEO example

The above strategies require us to reach out to the customer and invite them in, however there are thousands of hungry customers everyday doing their own discovery to find a place to eat. Whether it's locals or someone visiting the city, statistics show, their first protocol is to check Google. It's therefore imperative that you have a solid google presence to compete in being the place they choose to dine in. 

Google for restaurants is split into two; Google my business and your website presence. When customers search for your niche, e.g "Italian restaurant" you want to be present in both the map pack and your website ideally needs to be in the first page of Google to have a chance of competing for a slice of the pie. 

How is this achieved? Google SEO is a very technical aspect that most restaurant owners ignore. Here at Adam's apple we do all the optimising and updating for you on a regular basis. Aside from the technical side it's important your website and google my business is a beautiful site. High quality photos of the food should be present alongside easy access to reserve through google or your website.

Email Newsletters & SMS Marketing

Through Facebook ads, google SEO, influencer marketing and walk ins you will eventually gather a large crowd of cheering fans that love your restaurant and will engage with anything you do (Hopefully). This is when offline marketing becomes super powerful

Email newsletters, specifically with an older audience, is a poweful way to update your customers on what is going on at your restaurant. Not only that, but its a great way to tell stories. Stories about your staff and how they became who they are or your restaurant's start up story for example. 

Using stories or updates through email newsletters and SMS helps keep your restaurant front of mind. If you feel like you have a dry day in the week, this is a great way to run an offer and inform your die hard fans about it to fill up the empty covers on that day.

Here at Adam's Apple we ensure 2 newsletters are sent out monthly at the minimum, informing your customers of what is going on or telling a story about your restaurant that just has to be told!

receiving restaurant email newsletter

How does this translate?

Increase Footfall
The Main aim is to get more customers through your door. Our aim is to introduce your restaurants to new customers whilst staying front of mind for your current customer base. The strategies for these are slightly different but achieve the same end goal; more bums on seats in your restaurant.

Brand Identity

Aside from customers, your brand is also a really important aspect of your identity. Increasing your brand value is easily done through applying the correct marketing tactics and this can help you in the short term to increase prices or the perceived value of your dining experience. If it's not a short term win, it'll always be a long term if you come to sell your restaurant at some point

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