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Restaurant SEO

What is Restaurant SEO?

The most important factor for a restaurant is their discovery. Your number one priority is to allow as many people to discover you as possible. Once they do, it's your job to keep them coming back through your delicious food and excellent service. 

One of the main discovery channels for restaurants is google based search results. Often people will search for a local restaurant or the best restaurant recommendations for a date night etc. Google will display what they think to be the most appropriate results and it's your job to convince google you should be in the mix.

Restaurant Google SEO is the optimisation and adjustment of your restaurant website to allow it to rank on google search for the relevant queries around your restaurant niche and beyond. The main benefit of restaurant SEO is creating a free organic stream of traffic for life.

So how does it work?

1. Keyword research 

Traditional Library

If you are an Indian restaurant in Nottingham, it's important to firstly aim for the lowest hanging fruits which is precisely the keyword 'Indian restaurant Nottingham'. This keyword potency is the highest it can be as anyone searching those words is clearly looking to dine in at an Indian restaurant. This is when you need to give google the virtual wave to say 'hey i am an Indian restaurant and i think the person searching for this keyword will have an amazing time if they choose me' 

Although that's the lowest hanging fruit, it'll also be limited in traffic and potential. It's likely more people are searching for other general terms like 'best Nottingham restaurant' or 'best Nottingham date night restaurant'. This is where the major traffic lies and it's important to aim to rank for these keywords as they will move the needle for you drastically. All traffic estimates of a keyword can be checked on platforms like google analytics. 

Mastering restaurant SEO is making sure you are ranking for multiple keywords. Many restaurant stop at one as they are unable to rank for multiple without cannibalising their website. This is where we come in and assist you in ranking for multiple keywords without the issue of cannibalisation. Our priority aim is to choose keywords that have high search volume and are easy to rank for to ensure quick wins for your traffic.

2. Optimisation

Once you have chosen your keywords, it's time to create stunning content on your website around that topic. If you are choosing 'best date night restaurants in Nottingham' it's important to dedicate an entire page on your website for this keyword.


Restaurant SEO is coupled with a well optimised page in terms of the visual aspect of the page. You don't want people landing on your page for a date night suggestion and not seeing anything appealing aside from a large chunk of text trying to convince them you are the best date night restaurant. This is where your social media management will play a part in helping display potential images that can entice your audience. You can embed these images as a live feed on the website.

At Adam's Apple, we not only do the keyword research for you but we also build out appropriate pages to rank for each keyword. Every page will prompt the user to eventually reserve.

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Blogging Restaurant Advertisement

3. Blog writing

As part of our SEO plan we write monthly blogs for your page. These blog posts act as pages that target specific keywords and link back to your main page. Blogs can also be a powerful way to add inter links within your website that help boost your SEO drastically. 

Blogs require consistency to signal to google that you are the leader in your industry and you are constantly creating fresh and new content for consumers to read. This helps google identify you as a great website when choosing who to rank for search terms.

Aside from SEO, blogs are also a nice way of keeping your customers updated with what is going on in your restaurant. 

How fast can I see results?

SEO takes around 6 months to see fruitful results as google is quite particular about who they rank. There are multiple factors including site speed, optimisation, page strength etc that tie into being ranked. It's important that when google decides to give your website a shot, that everything is optimised perfectly so they continue to rank you further. If you are given a shot and google can see that users are constantly bouncing off your website and clicking away, you will be demoted immediately.

When done correctly, Google SEO is an integral part of your restaurant marketing strategy and a great investment for you long term. 

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