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We all love food, let's admit it. Ever since we were born, food has been the most essential thing for us. And now, many many many years later nothing has changed; we crave it more than ever! The gradual rise of more people choosing to eat out rather than cook at home, the restaurant industry is more popular than ever.

With this being said, what does food photography have to do with any of this? Social media is key to potential customers finding out about new places to grab a bite near them! If they randomly scroll on Instagram and stumble upon an eye-catching picture or Boomerang of some delicious food, they double-tap, click the profile, check the location, send it to their partner, agree to take them there for dinner, enjoy their meal, take plenty of snaps, post on their story, tag you in their posts, other people see the posts... aaaaaaaand the cycle continues, all from 1 picture.

More people eat with their eyes today more than ever and it's time for restaurants to use the power of visual stimulation in the form of food photography to gravitate people on socials to your page and increase customers. Even if people aren't hungry, when they see a marinated medium rare steak, smothered in mushroom sauce and finished off with some sprinkled salt on top; they'll start to feel the hunger and order more than they can handle!

So... how do I go about doing this 'food photography' you say? I barely have time to manage dinner service and keep up with all the admin work. I don't have time or the equipment to take pictures of everything and keep up with social media on a daily basis!

This is when you hire a food photographer to do the work for you. Getting a photographer to take care of it is probably the best way to go about the media side of things. Yes, it will cost, however instead of thinking about how much you're spending, think of how much you're earning from having professional photos being taken from an expert and sharing your food to potentially thousands of locals, each of which will be drooling over what you have to offer!

Benefits of Hiring a food photographer?

Your photographer will be using all the tricks of the trade to make your food look the best it can be! The pics will be so good, people will be ordering what they saw on Instagram earlier. You can also use the pictures everywhere! You can use the pictures, on your website, socials, flyers, posters, canvases around the restaurant, the menu, advertisements on other platforms; literally everywhere!

No work for you! Let the professionals handle this, and you've secured yourself a new stream of income! Maximise your profits by posting those unique, quirky shots of your food to attract maximum interest!

So, go and impress the world by utilising all the information you've just digested by sharing some truly amazing pictures! Get to the forefront of your competition, and don't be left behind! Get in the faces of the locals and remember, 'out of sight means out of mind. In sight means in mind.' Being on the mind of potential customers means you'll be busy at dinner service!

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