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A particular skill you cannot teach is event photography. Event photographers have to capture life as it unfolds, without being out of focus and anticipate creative shots all in the heat of the moment. We have been indulging in event photography for over 4 years and it can be one of the most grueling tasks. Switching SD cards whilst a speaker is mid speech can be one of the most frantic aspects of event photography yet the thrill is enjoyable. If event photography wasn't bad enough try blending it with event videography. Pairing the two together has got to be one of the worlds hardest photography tasks.

The difficult thing is there are no second chances, no rewinds and no playbacks. It's live and you are not going to get that moment back. Event photography has been a photography aspect we initially tried to shy away from after we had a catastrophe at one of the events we shot earlier on. We are not going to mention any names but someone, (Aadam, shhh), clicked overwrite when we were transferring our event footage over to the main portable SD card. It was a catastrophe gone wrong. Ever since then we looked in a different direction when the words Event Photography came up.

Although we refrained from event photography for so long, we did not realise that it was purely a case of being unorganised that caused our nightmares. We learnt that it was the technical aspects of the event photography that caused the issues. We learnt to purchase multiple SD cards and extra batteries for the events. We also learnt to overlap cameras, and by that we mean whilst event filming, we would have at least 2 camera covering the live footage and so if one failed we always had the other for backup, we could easily manipulate the editing to look like a shot change when in fact it was a complete slip up from our perspective.

Corporate photography became a demand once we learnt the ins and outs of event photography and it has been a pleasure to work with so many corporate companies to cover their media work. Event photography is essentially really tricky however once you get the grasp of it, you can really open your doors for many more photography options.

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