Meet The Team


Hi, I'm Aadam. A 23 Year old with a passion for creative arts; specifically in Film making, Videography & Photography. I started out making videos in school with various projects and noticed I enjoyed dedicating a great deal of time in being creative and using media as a means of expression.


For the past few years I have increasingly been taking on work in the field and my love for the camera has become ever stronger accordingly.

Although working in the field for around 4 years now, everything that I have worked on has been on an interpersonal level where people would be aware of my work through my social medias or word of mouth and would contact me. However only until now have I thought this is the right time for me to expand my reach and be able to provide a high quality service to anyone who may require. So in order to achieve this I decided to join Adam's Apple.

Don't hesitate to contact me through the Contact page or Book online, I hope to not disappoint.

Thank you. Aadam.


Hi I'm Youssef and I am 23 years of age. My passion for media production was first flared when I became an unhealthy film addict. I was usually dazzled by the transitions and media work that went into movies. I became quickly fascinated with online edits on YouTube, Vimeo and much more. I remember distinctly purchases Sony Vegas in 2011 to be my first editing software; shortly after I began producing short edits of my own.

I was inspired by individuals such as Casey Niestat on YouTube and paired up with a close friend of mine, (Aadam next to me here) to start up our YouTube channel back in 2015. 

My love for media production has been rooted from a very young age and with the technology available in recent years, bulding a vision and then executing it has become accessible to the finger tips of content creators, such as myself.

All this injected me with an impulse to join a platform where I can showcase my abilities; hence why I joined Adam's Apple Media.

Incase I didn't mention, I'm very friendly and I look forward to working with you.

Thank you, Youssef. | © 2019 Adam's Apple Media | 07801591665